Liavaag/Lindberg is a theatre company born in 2015 from the collaboration between the artists Ingrid Liavaag and Silje Lindberg.


The company has an interdisciplinary artistic profile, with the aim of creating contemporary theatre for a wide audience. They let surroundings, architecture and spaces be the starting point for their projects, often translated in site-specific performances.

The duo combines crossover projects, collaborating with visual artists, filmmakers, composers, dancers and others theatre makers. They usually create surreal universes to talk about human existential needs and fragilities.


The company first production was MELP -people are made of porcelain- and played at Bærum Kunsthall, Oslo 2017. 

Both Ingrid Liavaag and Silje Lindberg trained as actors; Liavaag at École Jacques Lecoq in Paris and Lindberg at Nord University in Verdal, Norway. Parallel to her acting studies Liavaag also took part in LEM (Labaratory of Movement Study) at Lecoq. After graduating she co-founded the internatinal theatre company RemoteControl with fellow alumni. As an actor she has performed at Oslo Nye Teater og Riksteateret and she is now finishing a master in film and theatre at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.  Lindberg has been involved as an actor at Turnéteatret in Trøndelag and as a director at Forstudium Teater (Oslo School of Music and Culture) in Oslo. 

Lately Liavaag/Lindberg started an exciting creative partnership with the international company RemoteControl, who since 2012 makes work that exists in the space between contemporary performance, dance, physical and immersive theatre.

Shearing the same philosophy and ethos, the two companies are interested in making cross-border and multi-disciplinary projects.​ Together they are working on the creation of two new immersive show: Sea Me! which will premiere in 2020 and will be develop with residencies between France and Norway and Flawed Product which premiered in a supermarket in Trondheim in October 2019.