I AM UNDONE is a new and innovative process-oriented event for performing arts in Oslo. Starting from the notion that art is an alive organism in perpetual development, I AM UNDONE wants to give focus to raw, unpolished, fresh materials - taking the artistic process as an expression in itself and challenging performative methods. The project is co-curated by the two theatre companies Liavaag/Lindberg (NO) and RemoteControl (FR) and will be hosted at SALT art and music in Oslo.


I AM UNDONE will present artists with a brand new idea that has never seen the light before, bold projects with the courage to be shared with an eclectic audience as unrefined and unfinished fragments full of life





We are inviting applications for the first ever event of I AM UNDONE, to take place on the evening of June 20th, 2021. 


This is an Open Call for artists across disciplines to submit excerpts of performative works, in various stages of development. I AM UNDONE is open to a wide range of performative actions and we are particularly interested in innovative and unconventional pieces ready to take risks.




Date: 20th of June 2021 

Location: SALT, art & music, Oslo

Money: There will be a fee for the performance. 

Space: There might be some space for rehearsal in advance of the workinprogress showing. Let us know your needs. 




- The work has to be performative but can be of any genre (new writing, live art, devised, multidisciplinary, interactive work, dance, this list goes on...).

-  It must be work in progress or short performances or extract of longer shows still in development.

 no longer than 20minutes, with minimal technical requirements.

- The main performance space will be SALTs black box Pyramiden, so the majority of selected work will be chosen to suit this space. However if you want to use another part of the building we’re open to suggestions!

click here to see the space: https://www.salted.no/utleie



- Name and contact details

- A short description of your artistic idea that is daring and relevant here and now.

- A CV/portfolio demonstrating your track record in making and presenting your work

- Technical specification (as much as you know/think at this point)

- Languages: Norwegian or English


Please apply by the 15th of May 2021

Please send the application in a pdf to this email: liavaaglindberg@gmail.com 


Questions? Call producer Silje Lindberg (47024566)


supported by Oslo kommune and SALT art & music