Sea Me

Theatre performance and immersive installation 2020

For young pubblic

Devised by RemoteControl 

Directed by Petra Casale

Performed by Christine Ryndak and Silje Lindberg

Dramaturg: Lise Thiollier

Set Designer: Roxane Marquant

Lighting designer: Eugénie Bousquet 

Graphic design: Ginevra Dondina​

Co-produce with the Norwegian company Liavaag/Lindberg

and the french company Belles Absentes

The project is in creation.


The sea contains many secrets and invites us to approach them if we are ready to listen.

Its currents make us dance wildly, its colours and corals dazzle us, its seaweed tickles our nostrils, its mysterious creatures surprise us and if we look closer, this vast universe can reveal something deep within ourselves. 


Sea Me! questions the origin of life, of our body, through the metaphor of the abyss and the aquatic element. Sea Me! develops this poetic by taking "the sea" as "the mother". 


Through the poetics of rites of passage, the sea is presented here as a liminal space, a space of metamorphoses, an engine of our quests and a connection to our deepest memories.

Sea Me! is a sensory discovery of another world, where touch, sight and sounds remind us of the intimate cocoon - the mother's stomach - a room through which all humans have passed. With an interactive installation, we let the audience dive into our story like a dream.

SEA ME dossier RESIDENCE1-04.jpg

Liavaag/Lindberg in collaboration with the international company RemoteControl creates interdisciplinary theatre pieces for adults and now after years of instructing children in theatre, for the first time they are creating a theatre piece for children. Their aim is to offer children a form of theatre that does not ask them to merely be a passive spectator, but rather one that engages their senses, imagination and love of adventure.

It is important to note that Sea Me! is still in phase of creation and therefore it is not finished. The project will be develop through a series of residencies that will take place between France and Norway. More specific at the end of the 2019 the two companies they will be in Nice, welcomed at the Entre-pont and in 2020 they will travel to La Maison de la Poesie of Normandy, France and at Dans i Trøndelag, Norway.

DUE TO COVID-19 the residency at Dans i Trøndelag is reschedule for May-June 2021 and all the performances are postponed to 2021-2022

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Project supported by La Maison de la Poesie of Normandy, L’Entre-Pont Nice, Girandole Theatre Paris, Dans i Trøndelag, Norway, Art Council Norway Kulturradet, FFUK, Fond for lyd og bilde, Oslo kommune, Trondelag Fylkeskommune.